Alpha Sentinel Half Face Mask


The Alpha Sentinel Half face Masks are the guardians for your respiratory health. These premium reusable masks offer an unparalleled combination of protection, comfort and flexibility.

With its ergonomic profile and lightweight build, the Alpha Sentinel Half Mask delivers extraordinary comfort even during prolonged use. The mask’s low-profile shape and adjustable harness enable you to find your perfect custom fit for optimal protection and unrestricted vision. Change filters in a snap with the quick connection system to suit any environment.

Requires two suitable filers sold separately.

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Alpha Solway has been rebranded as Skytec.

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Alpha Sentinel Half Face Mask

The Alpha Sentinel Half face Mask is a premium reusable half mask, manufactured in the UK to EN 140:1998

The Alpha Sentinel Half Mask is ideal for workers in environments that require certified respiratory protection. Its high-end features allow you to focus on the task at hand rather than mask discomfort. Stay safe and comfortable on long shifts. The mask’s durability and replaceable parts ensure you get the most value for your money while having peace of mind that your respiratory health is protected.


  • Well-balanced and light weight (140g), providing optimum wearer comfort.
  • Available in 3 sizes creating a tailored fit profile, superb fit and comfort for any workforce.
  • Fully adjustable head harness, offering easy fitting and adjustment, with a robust and trusted fit when in use.
  • Low profile shape to maximise the field of vision and allow exceptional compatibility with other PPE.
  • Sentinel filters are fitted with a simple connection which easily click into position. (Available separately).
  • Premium quality elastic strap provides a secure high comfort fit and retains mask positioning.
  • The large exhalation valve reduces heat and moisture build up, providing low breathing resistance.
  • Easily cleaned and maintained with spare parts available.
  • Quantitative face fit adaptor available.
  • Respirators are supplied with user seal check covers, which double as particulate retainers for combination filter.

WARNING: A fit check must be successfully completed each time the respirator is worn. Failure to achieve a proper face-to-respirator seal before you enter a hazardous atmosphere may result in little or no respiratory protection


    • Face piece – TPE
    • Front Cover – ABS
    • Head Harnes – TPE
    • Straps – Polyester
    • Neck Clasp – Polypropylene
    • Exhalation valve – Silicone
    • Inhalation valve – Silicone
Technical Data Sheets
Data Sheet Declaration of Conformity
Fitting Guide Filter Guide
Respiration Guide Cleaning Guide

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