Air Fed Welding Helmet With Respirator


 Protect yourself from welding fumes with the Bluerange Air fed Welding & Grinding Helmet

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises that if is not practical to provide or control welding fumes with local exhaust ventilation (LEV) alone, you must provide your workers with suitable respiratory protective equipment (RPE). For short durations a properly fitted FFP3 disposable mask or half-mask with P3 filter (PDF) is suitable; for longer durations (of up to an hour) then battery-powered air-fed protective equipment is recommended. The Bluerange Air Fed helmet is suitable for this task.

  • Three Layers of Filtration – Filtration efficiency up to 99.97%
  • Long Life Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Stable Air Supply – Adjust power in line with resistance.
  • Welding Helmet & Air Hood can be used separately for spraying and grinding operations
  • Auto darkening visor.

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Air fed Welding & Grinding Helmet

Air fed hood and filtration system:-

Assigned Protection factor (APF20)
With an inward leakage level of TH2 and PRSL filtration, the Bluerange airfed welding helmet has an Assigned Protection Factor of 20 points.
Identical to a P3 under EN 140, and FFP3 under EN 149

Three Layers of Filtration

  • Stainless steel mesh provides pre-filtration
  • Odour absorption due to the activated carbon filter
  • Air filter – for filtration of solid particles, smoke and pollutants, providing protection against inhalation of toxic solid particles as well as smoke and dust
  • Filtration efficiency up to 99.97%

Long Life Rechargeable Lithium Battery

  • Quick 3 hour charging time
  • Extended 11 hours working time

Stable Air Supply

  • Adjusts the power automatically if there is a blockage in the air filter thus, ensuring stable and clear air supply


  • Filter Type TH2 P R SL (P3)
  • Air Flow 250/210/170(L/min)
  • Charging Time 3 hour (full charge)
  • Recharge Capacity > 500 charges
  • Alarm Mode Buzzer Sound
  • Working Humidity < 90%
  • Storage Humidity < 85%
  • Weight (including battery & air filter) 2KG

Auto darkening Welding Helmet:-

The helmet is designed & equipped with a special turn over (up & down) headband mechanism. When the user lifts the helmet, the headband mechanism aligns the helmet’s centre of gravity to  the user’s head. This greatly reduces fatigue of the user’s head (and neck) making the user more comfortable when working.

When welding, the helmet automatically changes the filter screen from clear to dark in 1/25,000 sec. The delay time from dark to clear is set between 0.2 sec and 1 sec, which can be adjusted by the delay knob.

The helmet also utilises high performance solar cells as a power supply and 2 built-in 3V lithium batteries (CR2032) as power back-up. The power is switched off automatically within 10-15mins of stopping work. Under normal welding conditions, users can expect a battery lifetime of more than a year. The lithium batteries can be replaced by ones of the same size and specification when exhausted.

The helmet is in full conformity with related DIN,ISO,EN safety standards and ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards.

The ultra-high performance of UV/IR auto-darkening filters provide full protection for the user’s eyes and face against UV/IR radiation during the entire welding process, even in the light state. The UV/IR protection level is up to Shade 16(DIN) at all times, which increases comfort during welding work.

Welding Helmet & Air Hood Can Be Used Separately

  • The PAPR can be used for other applications such as, suitable spraying and grinding operations.

The Bluerange air fed welding helmet is a quality professional product ideal for use the industrial setting.

Model: UN09
Colour Red ~ Part No: UN09RED GTIN: 5056305800239
Colour Blue ~ Part No: UN09BLUE GTIN: 5056305800222

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