Panor D Air Panoramic TH3 Air Fed Welding Helmet


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See welding in a whole new light with the Panor D Air Panoramic Air Fed Welding Helmet. This revolutionary helmet gives you true colour vision through a 180° panoramic viewing window, so you can easily monitor your surroundings while you work. The auto-darkening filter ensures optimal arc glare protection with 5 arc sensors and adjustable shade levels up to DIN14. Plus, the innovative respiratory system (TH3 P R SL) provides clean, filtered air to protect your lungs from fumes. Weld safely and comfortably.

With the Panor D Air, crucial benefits like the 180° viewing area, auto-darkening filter, and built-in respiratory protection make welding projects safer and easier. The wide viewing window gives you superior visibility without the need to constantly lift your helmet. The auto-darkening filter reacts fast to the welding arc and adapts the shade level to your needs. And the respiratory system pumps clean, filtered air into your helmet to guard against fumes.

If you’re a welder tired of dealing with limited visibility and breathing in harmful fumes, the Panor D Air is for you. This high-tech helmet revolutionises the welding experience by combining crystal-clear viewing, adaptive arc protection, and integrated air filtration into one innovative system. Your comfort, safety and productivity will reach new heights.

For industrial workers who demand optimal protection and performance, the Panor D Air delivers.

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Panor D Air Panoramic Air Fed Welding Helmet – Experience unparalleled comfort and protection with the revolutionary Panor D Air welding helmet.

This game-changing helmet sets a new standard for air-fed respiratory safety.

Key features/benefits: Welding Helmet:

  • Air-fed hood provides filtered, purified air for enhanced respiratory protection (APF40 rating)
  • True Colour Vision through 180°Panoramic viewing window
  • Better arc capture ability with 5 sensors
  • Darkest Shade up to DIN14
  • Auto Pilot Shade Control system
  • Automatic Delay Control, Gradual delay Mode available
  • Automatic Sensitivity Set

Key features/benefits: Respiratory System:

  • Full protection for both eyes and face
  • Protect against concentrated fuses and gas emissions
  • Respiratory protection system suitable for high altitude area
  • Ergonomic waist belt design
  • Alarms for obstructed filter or low battery
  • 2 air flow modes available: 170L/min and 200L/min

The unit comes complete with a handy carrying bag for the complete unit and accessories

Designed for professional welders, the Panor D Air combines best-in-class respiratory protection with a revolutionary Panoramic True Colour ADF display.  And the adjustable auto-darkening lens provides either customised or automated control over switching delay time, shade and sensitivity. For anyone working long shifts or multi-pass welds, the Panor D Air  is a game changing investment in respiratory health and ergonomic comfort.

Features: Panoramic ADF

ADF Control Panel

Specification: Welding Helmet

Optical rating: 1/1/1/1
View area: 115 x 85 mm main window
80-35 Taper wide x 68 mm high side window
Sensors: 5
Lens Shade (DIN): 3/4 ~8/8 ~ 14 main window
3/10 side windows
Light State(DIN): 3 main window
3 side window
Dark State: 3/4-8/8-14 main window
3/10 side window
Control: Digital
Shade Control: Auto/Manual
Shade Deviation Of Auto Shade: -2.0 – +2.0
Sensitivity: 0-7, Auto
TAC welding: YES
Gradual shade return to clear state: YES
Switch Time: 0.04ms
Power Supply: Solar Panel & Lithium Batteries
UV & IR protection: Up to shade 16
TIG: >2A
Weight: 570gr
Certification: CE (EN166 EN175 EN379 EN12941)

Specification: Air Respirator

Air Flow Normal 170L/min
Enhanced 200L/min
Battery Life Normal >8 Hrs
Enhanced >6-7.5 Hrs
Airtight 99.8% (TH3)
Filter effectiveness 99.996% to 0.3μm
Noise 72dB max
Charge time 4-5 Hrs
Battery Type Lithium
Waist belt Size 800mm-1300mm
Weight 2.55Kg
Standard EN 12941

Colour Black ~ Part No: BR9001000          GTIN: 5056305802875

Short video outlying the features of the welding helmet ADF and head gear. Shown without the Air fed apparatus fitted.

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