Alpha Sentinel Face Mask Filters

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Alpha Sentinel Filters

Breathe Easy with the Revolutionary Alpha Sentinel Filters – Advanced Protection That’s Light as Air!

The Alpha Sentinel Filters represent a breakthrough in respiratory protection. Their pleated filter media provides an exceptionally large surface area that allows smoother, easier breathing compared to traditional pancake filters. The ergonomic low-profile design also improves vision and increases comfort for extended wear. With advanced protection against particulates, gases, and vapours, they allow you to breathe easy even in hazardous environments.

Please review all the downloadable documentation before making you selection or call us to discuss a site survey.

Manufactured to EN 143:2000 +A1:2006 and EN 14387:2021 – CE and UKCA marked.

ALPHA SOLWAY has rebranded as SKYTEC

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Alpha Sentinel Face Mask Filters

The Alpha Sentinel Face Mask Filters are designed for professionals in hazardous industrial environments like mining, welding, manufacturing, and construction. Their lightweight yet robust construction stands up to the toughest job site conditions. The filters’ low breathing resistance and unobstructed vision improve safety and productivity by reducing fatigue. Plus, their extended use certification reduces filter replacement frequency. For anyone working long shifts in contaminated air, the Alpha Sentinel Filters provide the advanced protection you need with the comfort you deserve. Breathe easier and stay safer with Alpha Sentinel.


  • Gas filters are snowstorm filled to optimise space and volume, resulting in a smaller light weight casing that limits obstruction of view when fitted.
  • Particulate P3S & P3H contain pleated filter media, providing more surface area for reduced breathing resistance.
  • The P3P Filter is tested to ‘R’, allowing the use for more than one shift.
  • Revolutionary filters provide maximum protection against hazardous gases, vapours, and particulates
  • Fully compatible with Alpha Sentinel Masks for optimised performance
  • Ultra lightweight at less than 115g each – improves comfort and minimises obstruction
  • Ergonomic design allows easy breathing and unrestricted vision
  • Simple one-click connection for fast, secure attachment
Technical Data Sheets
Data Sheet Declaration of Conformity
Fitting Guide Filter Guide
Respiration Guide

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