Alpha Sentinel Full Face Mask

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See and breathe clearly even in hazardous environments with the Alpha Sentinel Full Face Mask.
This premium reusable respirator provides robust protection without obstructing your field of vision.
Its clever ergonomic design ensures the mask fits snugly while maintaining visibility and allowing compatibility with other safety gear.
The lightweight build makes it comfortable for extended wear.< The Alpha Sentinel is ideal for anyone working around airborne contaminants. Get the highest level of protection and vision clarity with this advanced reusable respirator. Breathe easy while you work! Requires two suitable filers sold separately. All Sentinel Mask sizes are available to order - please contact your local branch or email skytec logo

ALPHA SOLWAY has rebranded as SKYTEC

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Alpha Sentinel Full Face Mask

Alpha Sentinel Full Face Mask a premium reusable full face mask, manufactured  and tested in the UK  to EN136:1998 Class 2.

Give yourself the gift of clean air and peace of mind with the Alpha Sentinel Full Face Mask. This top-tier reusable respirator provides panoramic vision and superior protection without skimping on comfort. Its ergonomic shape ensures a snug yet comfortable fit to keep contaminants out.


  • Ergonomic design optimised for protection, vision, and compatibility
  • Durable lightweight build (only 600g) made & tested in the UK
  • 5-point harness prevents mask rotation/tangling for secure balanced fit
  • 3 sizes available for tailored, high respirator/fit factor
  • Scratch-resistant raised visor bridge for clear panoramic viewing
  • Visor and filter position provides panoramic field of view without any obstructions.
  • Low profile shape provides exceptional compatibility with other PPE.
  • The Alpha Sentinel filters are fitted with a simple connection which easily click into position.
  • The large exhalation valve reduces heat and moisture build up, providing low breathing resistance.
  • Easily cleaned and maintained with spare parts available.
  • Tested to EN136:1998 Class 2 ensuring greater robustness and higher flame retardantance.
  • Supplied with user seal check covers, which double as particulate filter holder for combination filter.
  • Optical insert available.
  • Quantitative face fit adaptor available.
  • The harness is designed to prevent over-rotation and tangling.

WARNING: A fit check must be successfully completed each time the respirator is worn. Failure to achieve a proper face-to-respirator seal before you enter a hazardous atmosphere may result in little or no respiratory protection


  • Face piece – TPE
  • Front Cover – ABS
  • Head Harnes – EPDM Rubber
  • Harness Buckle- Nylon
  • Exhalation valve – Silicone
  • Inhalation valve – Silicone
  • Visor – Polycarbonate
  • Bezel – PTB
  • Exhalation cover – ABS
  • Test Cover – Polypropylene
Technical Data Sheets
Data Sheet Declaration of Conformity
Fitting Guide Filter Guide
Respiration Guide Cleaning Guide

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