Toilet Roll 200 Sheet 2 ply


Sirius Professional Toilet Roll 200 Sheet 9×4 clear pack brings ultra-soft 2-ply toilet paper into your home.

This top-quality economy toilet roll provides a blissfully gentle wipe you’ll love.

  • 200 cloud-soft sheets pamper your backside
  • Smooth embossed texture prevents irritation
  • Durable 2-ply construction is soft yet strong
  • Laminated paper stops tearing and linting
  • 18m length gives you more tissue per roll
  • Pack of 36 rolls means you’ll never run out

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Toilet Roll 200 Sheet 2 ply – Sirius Professional toilet roll is made of pure cellulose for a silky-smooth feel. No more soreness or redness after wiping. The wallet-friendly price lets you use as much as needed for a perfectly clean bottom every time. Wave goodbye to rough toilet paper and upgrade your washroom experience today!


Product Details
Description Toilet Roll 200 Sheet
Brand Sirius Professional
Ply 2
Colour White
Width 90mm
Sheet Length 90mm
Sheets per roll 200
Roll Length 18m
Core Size 50mm
Material Pure Cellulose
Paper Quality Laminated Embossed
Pack size 36 rolls (9 x 4 packs)
Product Packaging & Disposal LDPE Shrink Wrap & Cardboard-Widely Recycled