Modular Large Hand Towel Dispenser


The Sleek, Reliable Hand Towel Dispenser Your Facility Needs

  • Dispenses 4 towel types: interleaved, C-fold, Z-fold, single
  • Holds up to 350mm stack of towels
  • Front window for easy monitoring of paper towel supply
  • Durable PET and ABS cover and back plate construction

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Tired of flimsy hand towel dispensers that jam frequently and run out of paper towels too quickly?

This versatile dispenser is the solution you need. With its large capacity and reliability, it minimises the hassle of constantly refilling while reducing paper waste. The handy front window makes it easy to check towel levels at a glance. Its durable yet sleek white and blue design fits seamlessly into any restroom or wash room.

For a touch-free, high-capacity hand towel dispenser you can count on, choose this modular workhorse.

Your staff, customers, and guests will appreciate the convenience!

Product Details
Description Modular Large Hand Towel Dispenser
Brand Sirius Professional
Width 290mm
Height 425mm
Depth 145mm
Capacity 350mm Stack
Colour White & Blue
Material Transparent PET & ABS