White Centrefeed Roll 60mm core (166mmx150m)


With its laminated, embossed exterior, the Sirius Professional White Centrefeed 150m x 166mm roll is a premium paper product that will elevate your business to new levels of sophistication.

Key features/benefits bullet list:

  • High-quality 2-ply paper made from 100% recycled materials
  • Wide 166mm roll with generous 150m length for extended use
  • Laminated embossed surface for an elegant look
  • Ships in convenient case packs of 6 rolls

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This versatile embossed paper is perfect for businesses that want to make a stellar first impression. The elegant white laminated exterior conveys professionalism and quality, while the 100% recycled content demonstrates your commitment to sustainability.

Professionals who value image and sustainability will appreciate the upscale aesthetic and eco-friendly recycled material of this embossed white roll paper from Sirius.

Product Details
Description White Centrefeed Roll
Brand Sirius Professional
Core Size 60mm
Ply 2
Colour White
Width 166mm
Sheet Length 200mm
Sheets per roll 750
Roll Length 150m
Paper Quality Laminated Embossed
Pack size Case – 6 rolls
Material 100% Recycled

All AFH products in the Sirius Professional, Advanced and ecoroll range meet the CHSA
Soft Tissue Standard ensuring the products meet the specifications on the label.