Kitchen Roll Bliss 2 ply (4 Pack)


Stop wasting time with paper towels that rip and shred! Kitchen Roll Bliss 2 ply brings durability and absorbency to your wiping. This 2-ply laminated and embossed towel is designed for heavy-duty kitchen use.

Key Features:

  • Made of pure cellulose for exceptional absorbency
  • Durable 2-ply construction prevents ripping
  • Laminated and embossed for strength and style
  • Large 210mm x 200mm size for multi-purpose cleaning

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Kitchen Roll Bliss 2 ply is the ultimate solution for quick and effective cleaning around your home. The two-ply pure cellulose material is ultra thick and absorbent, allowing you to clean up spills and messes with ease. No more flimsy paper towels that fall apart when wet! The laminated and embossed texture also gives this towel a stylish look and feel.

Keep a roll of BLISS Kitchen Towels handy for wiping down counters, appliances, tables, and more. The large size makes it easy to grab and go for any cleaning task. Say goodbye to wasteful paper towels and upgrade to the BLISS Kitchen Towel today! Ideal for busy cooks, messy bakers, and active families.

Product Details
Description Bliss 2 Ply Kitchen Towel 4 Pack
Brand Bliss
Ply 2
Colour White
Width 210mm
Sheet Length 200mm
Sheets per roll 50
Roll Length 10m
Core Size 50mm
Case Qty 10
Material Pure Cellulose
Paper Quality Laminated Embossed
Pack size 4 rolls (1 pack)
Product Packaging & Disposal LDPE Shrink Wrap & Cardboard-Widely Recycled