Stockinette Roll – 800g


Achieve a Flawless Shine with Our Premium Stockinette Roll

  • 100% pure cotton for ultra-soft and absorbent polishing
  • Open knit texture evenly buffs surfaces for a smooth finish
  • Huge 800g roll lasts through countless polishing sessions
  • Chemical and dye free to prevent damage and bleed
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Our premium stockinette roll 800g is the detailer’s secret for bringing dull surfaces to a flawless, glossy shine. The soft, pliable 100% cotton gently buffs metal, wood, leather, and more without leaving behind lint or swirl marks.

The open knit texture evenly distributes polishes, waxes, oils, and cleaners as you work.

With a hefty 800g weight, this polishing cloth roll will last through countless polishing sessions. And since it’s completely chemical and dye free, you can safely polish expensive surfaces without risk of damage or bleed.

Achieve a perfect finish every time with our professional grade stockinette roll.

Unit of Issue 800g roll