Coloured Sweatshirt Rag Wipers


Transform dull, dirty surfaces with the cleaning power of Coloured Sweatshirt Rags Wipers – the super-absorbent wipers made from recycled sweatshirts.

  • Thick, plush material cleans, shines, and polishes with ease
  • Super-absorbent blend lifts away stuck-on messes
  • Reusable and durable for tough cleaning jobs
  • Wet to activate heavy-duty cleaning power
  • Dry wipes leave a brilliant, streak-free shine
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These versatile wipers tackle the toughest cleaning challenges. Just dampen and get scrubbing – the absorbent sweatshirt material breaks down dirt, grease, and grime. Use wet on counter tops, appliances, sinks, windows, and more to dissolve mess. When dry, the wipers polish and buff surfaces to a spotless finish. The recycled fabric blend stands up to heavy use, maintaining its cleaning power wash after wash.

With Coloured Sweatshirt Rags Wipers, you can renew and refresh your work place. Tackle dull, dirty surfaces to reveal the clean, brilliant shine hidden underneath. Their versatility and durability make them a cleaning must-have.

Unit of Issue 10Kg Bag