Soudal Swipex Wipes – Pack of 100


Get your surfaces sparkling clean with Swipex Wipes!

  • Removes sealant stains, grease, paint and more from surfaces, tools and hands
  • Heavy duty cleaning power in convenient pre-moistened wipes
  • Kind to skin – no harsh chemicals

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Soudal Swipex Wipes are the fast and easy way to clean up messy sealant and adhesive spills. Just grab a wipe and swipe away dirt, grease and grime from countertops, floors, appliances, tools, and even your hands. The heavy-duty cleaning formula breaks down tough messes without damaging surfaces or irritating skin.

Keep Soudal Swipex Wipes handy for quick clean-ups anytime, anywhere. Tradesmen, DIYers, mechanics, and anyone who deals with messy sealants, paints or greases will love having these hard-working wipes on hand. Just wipe, dispose and you’re done!