Light Coloured Cotton Rag Wipers


Tackle tough workshop messes with Light Coloured Cotton Rag Wipers. These absorbent, lint-free wipers are specially designed for busy industrial settings.

  • Made from recycled cotton & polycotton materials
  • Absorb oils, grease, dirt, grime off tools & surfaces
  • Lint-free polycotton blend leaves smooth polished finish
  • Economical rag wipers for high volume wiping tasks
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Light Coloured Cotton Rag Wipers are the professional’s choice for cleaning grime and grease in engineering, automotive and marine workshops. The absorbent cotton rags lift stains from equipment, while the polycotton blend wipes down tools streak-free.

Stop wasting money on paper towels and get serious cleaning power with these industrial strength recycled rags.

Keep your workshop spotless with the wiping experts, these hard working rags tackle tough messes quickly and economically.

Unit of Issue 10Kg Bag