Trigger Spray White 2 Litre – Yardsmith


The 2 litre trigger spray bottle unlocks targeted spraying power, making quick work of household and gardening tasks.

Its ergonomic handle and top mounted trigger provide a comfortable grip for easy use.

Pressure is generated using the top mounted plunger.

The nozzle tip locks or unlocks the spray as needed.

The 2 litre capacity tank twists open for convenient refilling with water, pesticides, cleaners, herbicides and more.

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Trigger Spray White 2 Litre – Yardsmith :

The Trigger Spray White 2 Litre – Yardsmith allows you to tackle any spraying job with precision. The ergonomic trigger gives you complete control to target weeds, pests, and dirty surfaces. The leak-proof twist cap makes it easy to mix up custom solutions and refill on the go.

Turn your household cleaners and lawn care products into precision instruments. The 2l Trigger Sprayer upgrades your arsenal, whether you’re tackling an industrial degrease, or scrubbing a kitchen messes. Tame your workshop, home and garden with targeted, controlled spraying.

This sprayer is not suitable for Flammable, Caustic, Corrosive, Acid or oxidising chemicals including bleaches.
All connections must be checked for tightness before use.

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