Taping Knife 203 or 254mm widths

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Your drywall is no match for this cutting-edge taping knife for drywalls!

This handy tool features a flexible blue steel blade that glides your joint compound (also known as “mud”) along a drywall like soft butter. The bi-material handle provides a comfortable, non-slip grip for precise control and ease of use.

Also known as a taping and jointing knife.

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Taping Knife 203 or 254mm widths,

Flexible blue steel blade effortlessly spreads the mud effortlessly over nail and screw indents.
Bi-material handle gives you a secure, non-slip grip
Lightweight yet durable construction
Available as 203mm (8in) and 254mm (10ins) versions

Spend less time fighting with stubborn drywall and achieve smooth, clean finishes with this top-quality drywall knife. The flexible steel blade allows you to easily reach tight spots. No more hand fatigue!

If you install or repair drywall, this is a must-have tool. Seamlessly finish drywall seams, and scrape away excess compound with ease using this handy knife. Ditch the frustration and let this drywall knife do the work for you!