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Orange Ideall Grip Nitrile Glove ,Powder, Silicone and Latex Free, 7.0 mil 8.6 gram – Premium Range

• 7.0mil thick (8.6g), 240mm long, Type B CAT III glove
• Specially formulated Nitrile offers maximum strength whilst maintaining maximum dexterity
• Touch Screen Friendly and suitable for use with/around foodstuffs
• Lasts up to 5x longer than standard Nitrile gloves
• Raised diamond grip on the inner and outer for increased traction grip
• Proven barrier to chemicals and toxic fibres
• Silicone free, latex free, powder free
• Certified JKPT under EN374-1:2016
• Packed in boxes of 50 gloves

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Orange Ideall Grip Nitrile Glove


The Mercator Medical Orange Ideall ® Grip is a 7.0 mil, 8.6 gram, 240mm long orange nitrile, type B glove with a durable beaded cuff. It features a diamond texture grip on the inner and outer offering great traction grip, silicone-free, powder-free, and latex-free – offering superior strength whilst maintaining maximum dexterity.
Ideall ® Grip glove has excellent chemical resistance and is a proven barrier to toxic fibres, it is  AQL 1.5; touchscreen-friendly; and, is suitable for use with/around food and foodstuffs.

Suggested Applications:
• Agriculture • Construction • Veterinary
• Insulation • Engineering • Assembly
• Automotive • Plumbing • Janitorial

Limitations of Use:

Maintenance – Examine gloves for damages, splits and holes before each use. Always replace damaged gloves. Only properly fitting gloves guarantee protection and grip.
Storage Store at normal room temperature in a dry, well ventilated area. Avoid direct heat radiation.
Disposal – Used gloves can be contaminated. Dispose with household waste or as instructed by your local authority.
Cleaning – Do not wash. The performance of the product after laundering is unknown. Beat or brush out after each use, depending on level of dirt.
Durability – The period of use depends on the degree or intensity of use in the retrospective application. It is therefore not possible to provide a ‘life span’ of the gloves.
Note – Due to the nature of this product the user is advised to carry out their own risk assessment before use, depending on application.

Other Data:

  • AQL 1.5
  • Length: 240mm
  • Thickness: 7mil
  • Pack Size: 50 gloves
  • Manufacturers code:
    • RP30027003 (Medium/8)
    • RP30027004 (Large/9)
    • RP30027005 (XLarge/10)
    • RP30027006 (XXLarge/11)


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