Modular Large Centrefeed Dispenser


Say goodbye to paper towel waste! The innovative Modular Large Centrefeed Dispenser minimises excess use through its clean-tearing aperture that prevents messy sheets.

This dispenser is ideal for high traffic washrooms and workshops. Key features include a large front window to monitor paper levels, sleek and durable PET/ABS construction, and a self-locking cover for fast reloading.

Facilities managers will appreciate the space-saving design and reliability.
By reducing paper waste, the dispenser provides an eco-friendly solution perfect for any busy public space. Make the switch today!

Suitable for our 166mm x 68m Blue Centrefeed roll – ROLL013152

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Product Details
Description Modular Large Centrefeed Dispenser
Brand Sirius Professional
Width 230mm
Height 350mm
Depth 235mm
Capacity 205mm Dia Roll
Colour White & Blue
Material Transparent PET & ABS

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