MG Duff Zinga Anti-Corrosion Zinc Coating 5Kg


Fade-resistant, long-lasting corrosion protection that works like no paint can.

Key Features:

  • Active zinc coating protects as long as hot-dip galvanising
  • Apply on-site for custom protection
  • Re-coat existing galvanised and Zinga-coated surfaces
  • Flexible application in any temperature

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For industrial and marine applications, Zinga is the go-to coating for long-term corrosion resistance. It protects as thoroughly as hot-dip galvanizing but with the versatility of an on-site liquid application. Re-coat over existing galvanized or Zinga-coated surfaces to refresh protection. The flexible zinc formula adheres in any weather and won’t crack or peel.

Zinga Zinc Coating is the easy-to-use, heavy duty shield against rust and corrosion. Say goodbye to frequent repainting and enjoy durable, fade-resistant protection. Zinga keeps metal surfaces looking like new for longer.

Once thoroughly mixed, Zinga can be applied by using a normal paintbrush, a short-fibre roller (not for the first coat) or a conventional or airless spray-gun. When applying Zinga by spraying it must only be thinned with Zingasolv, which is available from your nearest distributor. Please read the appropriate Data Sheet.

Zinga can be applied in a wide variety of weather conditions. The application surface temperature range is from -15C to +60C where conditions allow with a maximum humidity of 95% so long as there is 3C minimum between the steel temperature and the dew point. Like all coatings the substrate surface should be free from all types of contamination.

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