ZG-90 Rapid Dry Galvanise Aerosol


Catch corrosion in its tracks with ZG-90 RAPID DRY GALVANISE! This fast-drying galvanising touch-up paint stops rust in its tracks.

Key features:

  • Dries to the touch in just 2 minutes and is fully hardened in 20 minutes
  • Perfect colour match for freshly galvanised steel
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection – tested to exceed industry standards
  • Sticks tightly and flexibly to metal surfaces
  • Approved for infrastructure projects like Crossrail
  • Non-conductive formula is safe for electrical work

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ZG-90 Rapid Dry Galvanise Aerosol

ZG-90 Rapid Dry Galvanise Aerosol, 500ml, brings new galvanised steel back to life. The rapid dry time lets you complete touch-ups and repairs without delay. The precise colour-match restores the galvanised look to any metal surface. Use it anywhere galvanised finish needs renewal – on railings, air ducts, machinery, bolts, and more.

Contractors trust ZG-90 to protect installations and infrastructure from corrosion. Its lab-tested protection stands up to salt spray and weathering better than ordinary paint. For fabrication shops, welders, and maintenance crews, this stuff makes galvanising touch-ups almost as fast as new hot-dip galvanising. Downtime is no match for ZG-90!

Can size: 500ml

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