Magnaflux SKC-S NDT Cleaner & Remover (Aerosol)


Clean With Confidence Using Magnaflux SKC-S NDT Cleaner & Remover
With Magnaflux SKC-S, you can trust your inspections will reveal the truth. This fast-drying, low-residue cleaner removes contaminants for reliable, residue-free non-destructive testing.

  • NDT-approved solvent cleaner/remover for pre-cleaning and penetrant removal
  • Dries quickly without leaving residue to prevent false indications
  • Meets AMS 2644 Class 2 and low-residue requirements for aerospace penetrant testing
  • Suitable for wide range of alloys and components

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Magnaflux SKC-S NDT Cleaner  & Remover gives reliable inspection results across all your components. It expertly cleans surfaces without over-cleaning, so you can maximise the range of inspections while minimising the risk of missing flaws. Conforming to major industry standards, this versatile cleaner can be used throughout the penetrant testing process.

Inspect with confidence using the cleaner trusted for aerospace, aviation, and other critical applications. SKC-S cleans deeply without flushing penetrant out of discontinuities. Get cleaner inspections with Magnaflux.

Can size: 400ml

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