Magnaflux SKL-SP2 NDT Solvent Removable Visible Dye Penetrant (Aerosol)


Get fast, reliable flaw detection with Magnaflux SKL-SP2 Solvent Removable Visible Dye Penetrant – the easy 3-step solution for finding surface defects.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Simple 3-step process quickly finds flaws on any metal surface
  • Vibrant red dye thoroughly covers test areas for maximum detection
  • No water rinse needed, saving time and eliminating drying step
  • Portable aerosol cans allow convenient on-the-go inspections
  • Bright indications make defect analysis easy without UV light
  • Meets key industry standards like AMS 2644 for reliable results

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Magnaflux SKL-SP2 NDT Solvent Removable Visible Dye Penetrant, with its high-performance formula and convenient aerosol application, Magnaflux SKL-SP2 makes non-destructive testing fast, easy and reliable. The three-step dye penetrant process quickly wets surfaces to find cracks and pores in welds, castings, forgings and more. The vibrant red dye provides bold, vivid indications that make analysing flaws a breeze. No water rinse is required, saving time and eliminating the need to dry parts before applying developer. The handy aerosol cans ensure easy, consistent coverage for fast on-the-go inspections.

Magnaflux SKL-SP2 NDT Solvent Removable Visible Dye Penetrant is ideal for quality control technicians, maintenance crews, welders, fabricators and anyone needing an easy-to-use, reliable penetrant testing method. The convenient portable cans make SKL-SP2 penetrant perfect for preventative maintenance and on-site inspections. With bold results and no water rinse required, SKL-SP2 dye penetrant simplifies the testing process to improve productivity and part quality. Trust Magnaflux SKL-SP2 for all your basic industrial non-destructive testing needs.

Can size: 400ml

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