240mm Masonry Pencil (Green)


Introducing our 240mm Masonry Pencil in Green – the epitome of precision for your bricklaying or other masonry projects.

This specialized pencil is designed to provide clear, visible markings on various masonry surfaces, ensuring accuracy and clarity in every measurement.

Listing is for a single pencil – not the box shown.

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Key Features of the 240mm Masonry Pencil (Green)

Green Brilliance for Masonry Precision:

  • The distinctive green hue of our 240mm pencil is chosen for optimal visibility on a variety of masonry materials, the 4H graphite allowing you to create precise markings effortlessly.
  • Tailored for bricklaying and construction, this pencil is an essential for builders, masons, and craftsmen seeking a reliable tool for their masonry projects.

Optimal Length for Comfortable Handling:

  • The 240mm length strikes a perfect balance between ease of handling and extended use, ensuring a comfortable grip for intricate masonry detailing without compromising the pencil’s durability.

Versatile Masonry Applications:

  • Ideal for marking and measuring on different masonry surfaces, from bricks to concrete blocks.
  • Whether you’re a professional glassworker or a DIY enthusiast, this glass marking pencil is designed to meet the demands of diverse construction applications.

Upgrade your construction toolkit with our “green” pencil. Precision, visibility, and versatility converge in this specialised tool, providing you with the confidence to tackle any masonry project with finesse. Elevate your construction craftsmanship with the right tools – choose our masonry pencil for unparalleled precision in your bricklaying and construction endeavours.

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