Ratchet Cargo Lashing Strap With (Double J Hooks) 4 Tonne 10 Metre


Quality Bluerange Ratchet cargo lashing strap 4000Kg x 10M with robust double J hooks. Ideal for general transportation or industrial use.

Our 50mm wide Cargo Ratchet Straps are extremely durable, manufactured from high quality high tensile polyester (PES) with robust coated hooks on either end.

PES is lightweight for easy handling and offers exceptional value for money.

Designed to offer high protection against abrasion and damage while safely securing loads.

  • This part has been updated to Bluerange BRCARGO4T10M (was TAC376061)

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Securely sewn to the end of the strap is a robust data label giving all the required information.
Each strap is marked with its Batch number and date of manufacture.

Please Note: When securing loads the Lashing Straps should be protected from sharp edges, friction and abrasion, by suitable packing or wear sleeves. Inspection is recommended after every use.


Bluerange Cago Lashing Ratchet Strap feature:

  • Loading capacity 2000kg(4400lb)
  • Max 4000kg(8800lb)
  • Fitted with Double J hooks at either end.
  • Quick release mechanism.
  • Easy tension adjustment
  • Suitable for General Transportation and securing tasks.
  • Material: 100% high tensile polyester (PES)
  • Temperature: -40°C to 100°C
  • Manufactured to: EN12195-2:2000

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