Precision Dividers Firm Joint With Riveted Hinge – Bluerange

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A quality set of firm joint precision dividers with hardened and ground needle points for marking out etc. Available in three sizes 150mm, 200mm, 300mm


  • With a rivet hinge
  • Hardened needle shaped ground points
  • Special steel

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Precision Dividers, Firm Joint With Riveted Hinge manufactured by Bluerange, available in 150, 200, 300mm variants.

What is the difference between firm joint calipers/dividers and spring calipers/ dividers?

Spring callipers have a thread adjustment which tensions against the spring when taking a reading, while firm joint devices are held by friction alone.

What is the difference between calipers and dividers?

Dividers also known as compasses have straight legs while a caliper has curved legs. Dividers can be used to draw circles, mark divisions, subdivide divisions or mark a distance.
Calipers are used to measure the opposite sides of a material typically thickness or diameter.