Granite Surface Table Complete With Adjustable Stand

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Bluerange Granite Surface Tables are manufactured to BS-817 (2008) from selected inspection grade granite, chosen to provide a quality surface plate.

Granite surface plates do not corrode and are not affected by changes in ambient temperature or humidity. They are also nonmagnetic and resistant to wear.

Making them an excellent surface accurate measurement, tool setup and marking out.

The adjustable surface plate stands are manufactured from heavy duty angle and reinforced for rigidity. They are designed to support the plates and have levelling screws to allow the plates to set accurately.

Tables will be shipped on 3 working day pallet carrier to mainland UK only. Delivery Kerbside only.   – Highlands and Islands delivery at extra cost, Not available in Northern Ireland.

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Bluerange™ – Granite Surface Table complete with Stand

Why use Granite:

Because of its low thermal expansion Granite is an ideal material for surface tables/plates offering a stable and precise work surface .

As a result of its good surface hardness it offers a good wear life.

Workshops and laboratories like to use Granite surface plates for calibration and measurement, because they provide a solid 2D plane for accurate use of height gauges and similar.
Therefore, Granite tables also provide a suitable surface for many other engineering tasks.

Grade / Calibration

Surface plates come in different grades, ours are Inspection Grade or Grade 1.

We recommend that you calibrate your surface plate yearly, every six months if heavily used.

UKAS CALIBRATION certification is available on this product – please call 0151 955 4700 for quotation.

Features: Granite Surface Plate

After the initial setup the surface table requires little maintenance. For a long service life keep the surface free from dirt or grease buildup.

Features: Granite Surface Table

  • High rigidity and non-magnetic properties
  • Totally corrosion and stress free
  • Most reliable product for inspection purposes
  • Manufactured to BS-817 (2008)
  • Comes with certificate of calibration
  • Complete with plate and adjustable solid stand

Our Granite Surface Table Range covers most popular sizes:

  • BR4017006 Surface size: 900mm x 600mm, Weight: 185kg
  • BR4017011 Surface size: 1000mm x 1000mm, Weight: 470kg
  • BR4017007 Surface size: 1200mm x 900mm, Weight: 470kg
  • Plate Thickness: 100mm (900×600) 150mm over this size

Alternatively we can manufacture other sizes to order. Please enquire – 0151 955 4700.


For over 20 years we have utilised our engineering and measurement expertise to specify and source competitively priced quality equipment for the UK market place.
Production and test facilities throughout the UK, from small workshops to large multi nationals use our products.
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Granite Surface Plate (Grade 1)