Multi-purpose Silver Cloth Duct Tape – 100mm


Tired of flimsy duct tape that falls off and leaves you with air leaks? Upgrade to Bluerange Industrial Duct Tape Silver for heavy-duty sealing power.

Bluerange Multi-purpose Silver Cloth Duct Tape 100mm has –

  • Strong synthetic rubber adhesive creates a tight bond
  • Reinforced backing made of polyethylene and gauze fibre doesn’t tear easily
  • Withstands vibration, movement, grease and moisture
  • Provides long-lasting seals for industrial ductwork
  • Width 100mm, also available in 50 and 75mm widths

Suitable for an array of other industrial uses as well.

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Multi-purpose Silver Cloth Duct Tape – 100mm

Never worry about your duct work coming apart again with Bluerange Industrial Duct Tape Silver. This heavy-duty tape keeps even the largest ducts sealed tight.

Made with a polyethylene and gauze fibre thermal composite base for durability
Coated with a high viscosity synthetic rubber adhesive for strong bonding
Features impressive tensile strength and grease resistance
Creates an airtight, long-lasting seal on ductwork

The advanced adhesive formula bonds instantly and holds strong, preventing air leaks or detachment. It stands up to movement, vibration, moisture and extreme temperatures while keeping ducts securely fastened.

If you need a reliable duct tape for HVAC, ventilation or other industrial applications, Bluerange Industrial Duct Tape Silver delivers professional-grade performance. The superior adhesion and durability allows you to install ductwork that stays sealed for years.


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