PVC Electrical Insulation Tape (20mm x 20m)


Wrap your wires with superior insulation and protection. This PVC Insulation Tape provides the safeguarding your electrical projects demand. Available in a range of useful colours.

  • Self Extinguishing PVC film provides excellent insulation and voltage resistance
  • Rubber adhesive ensures a tight grip that won’t unravel or come undone
  • 20mm width works for a variety of wire gauges and applications
  • Price is per roll

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PVC Electrical Insulation Tape (20mm x 20m) available in Black / Red / Blue / Green / White

This flexible, adhesive tape seals electrical terminals, splices and connections from moisture, corrosion and short circuits.

The soft PVC substrate and rubber adhesive provide a tight seal that withstands vibration, abrasion and temperature fluctuations. Give your automotive, marine, industrial and household electrical projects the protection they need.

All Bluerange tapes are specified to an exacting standard and we are confident that they offer a cost competitive alternative to branded products.