Makita Vc3211Hx1 M-Class Wet Dry Vacuum Dust Extractor 32Litre – 110V


H-CLASS WET DRY VACUUM DUST EXTRACTOR 32 Litre (110V for commercial use)

Approved for Dust Class M in accordance with the EU standard.  Suitable for processes involving mica, china clay, gypsum, wood dust, such as softwood and hardwood and silica dust such as masonry and concrete.
Class M – removes dust with limit value for occupational exposure >0.1 mg/m3

**Not suitable for the collection of asbestos, carcinogenic dusts or dusts contaminated with carcinogens and/or pathogens or explosive materials.

  • 110V machine with power take-off
  • Lloyd & Jones are an authorised Makita reseller.
  • 3yr Makita warranty available via web registration.

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The VC3211MX1 M Class Dust Extractor is designed for wet and dry vacuum cleaning, and has a powerful 1,050 watt motor, with 1,900 watt power take off, variable suction power is dial controlled.

    • Automatic Self-cleaning Filter System achieved by two triple structure filter units composed of Powder filter, Damper and Prefilter.
    • Approved for Dust Classes M in accordance with the EU standard.
    • For wet and dry vacuum cleaning.
    • Stainless steel tank.
  • Flat top design allows double stacked for stable and space saving storage.
  • Caster stopper prevents the cleaner from moving unintentionally.
  • Fitted with bumper stops to protect furniture and walls, large rear wheels for added mobility.
  • Air flow sensor beeps when air flow is reduced by clogged filter, full tank etc.
  • 5.0m power cord
  • Compatible with commercially available plastic bags for quick and easy dust disposal.
Technical Info:
Power Take-off Wattage 1900w
Max Airflow 3.5 m³/min
Max Sealed Suction 22Kpa
Tank Capacity Dry 32 Litre
Tank Capacity Wet 27 Litre
Noise Sound Pressure 72.5 dB(A)
Noise K Factor 2.5 dB(A)
Input Wattage 1,050 w
Net Weight 16.9Kg