MAKITA GA4530R 115mm Grinder plus Disc Bundle


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A 115mm Makita angle grinder
bundled with discs at a great price,

Makita GA 4530 115mm angle grinder in either 110v or 240v bundled with 100 1mm SALCUT discs or
50 SALDISC Zirconium Flap discs in either P40 or P60 grit.

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Makita Grinder & Disc Bundle

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GA4530R/1-SLT 110V
Makita GA4530 115mm
Angle Grinder
1 SALCUT 1mm Slitting discs 100
GA4530R/1-FLP40 1 SALCUT Flap disc P40 50
GA4530R/1-FLP60 1 SALCUT Flap disc P60 50
GA4530R/2-SLT 240V
Makita GA4530 115mm
Angle Grinder
1 SALCUT 1mm Slitting discs 100
GA4530R/2-FLP40 1 SALCUT Flap disc P40 50
GA4530R/2-FLP60 1 SALCUT Flap disc P60 50


Makita Grinder:

Small diameter Angle grinders with ergonomically best possible barrel grip.
Regardless of whether the user grips motor housing or rear cover, the extra-ergonomic barrel grip fits any user’s palm and fingers perfectly, and provides easy and comfortable handling while minimizing hand fatigue and pain.

  • 115mm capacity
  • 720w Motor
  • 110v or 240v
  • Compact body with a powerful motor
  • Small gear housing for easy handling & manoeuvrability
  • Machined bevel gears
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Lock-on switch to reduce user fatigue

Standard Accessories:

  • Side Handle
  • Wrench
Technical Info:
Bore Dia 22.23mm
Max Wheel Dia 115mm
Input Wattage 720W
No Load Speed 11000rpm


Flap Discs:

A Zirconium Conical Flap Disc ideal for use on General and Stainless Steels, a good economical general purpose disc.

The SALDISC uses high performance zirconia alumina abrasive, offering cooler operating temperatures in use, resulting in
less discouration of stainless steel. It is inherently a more robust and longer lasting abrasive than aluminium oxide.

General Applications:

  • Normal, Stainless and Alloy steels
  • Non-ferrous metals and their alloys

Main Applications

  • High stock removal performance grinding
  • Edge grinding and removal of weld seams
  • Descaling and rust removal
  • Small area surface grinding

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Cutting Discs:Description: SALCUT, High performance range of standard and thin metal cutting discs available in 100, 115, 125, 180, 230 and 300mm diameters.

Metal cutting: Suitable for cutting metal, sheet profiles and solid materials.

Fast Cutting: Reduces heat and burr build up.

Inox: for use on stainless steel and mild steel applications.

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