Ear Defenders – Centurion Sana – Yellow – SNR (dB) = 30.0


Protect Your Hearing While You Work with the Sana Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

The Centurion Sana Ear Defenders are your solution for comfortable hearing protection while wearing a helmet. The Defenders are colour coded with this Yellow version offering an attenuation level of 30 dB, the Sana ear defenders provide ample protection against light to extremely high noise levels.

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Ear Defenders – Centurion Sana
Key features include:

  • Stylish low-profile cup design in matte black with glossy accents
  • Colour-coded rings for easy identification of attenuation levels
  • Adjustable steel arms for a custom fit
  • Compatible with Centurion helmets and face shields
  • Wide soft cushions for maximum comfort
  • Approved to EN 352-3 and ANSI S3.19

Whether you’re working in construction, manufacturing, or any other noisy environment, the Sana Ear Defenders will shield your ears from harmful noise while letting you communicate with co-workers. The soft cushions cushion your ears while the adjustable arms ensure a personalised fit inside your helmet. With the Sana on your head, you can work comfortably for hours. Protect your hearing and stay compliant with regulations by equipping your team with Sana Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders today!

• Construction and Buildings. Civil Engineering.
• Utilities Maintenance, Sustainable Energy Oil,
Gas and Mining
• Logistics and Transportation,
• Automotive and Aerospace
• Engineering
• Chemicals, Pharmaceutical
• FMCG, Food and Drink, Pulp + Paper, Packaging, Recycling, Agriculture
• Petroleum

Cup  ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene)
Foam & Cushion PU (Polyurethane)
Arms Steel
Adaptor & Clips PA (Polyamide / Nylon)

Care and Maintenance

Can be stored and transported in their original cartons at ambient temperature (-20°C to +55°C).
May be stored in the dark for up to 5 years.
Do not store in direct/high heat or sunlight as this may distort the shell.
The Centurion ear defenders have an in-use life of up to 5 years.
Excessive wear and tear can considerably reduce the lifespan of the product.
Clean using warm soapy water and soft cloth.
Check before use that all parts are undamaged. Ear Defenders and in particular cushions may deteriorate with use and should be examined at regular internals for cracking and leakage. Hygiene kits with replaceable cushions and foam pieces are available from Centurion.
Recycling is preferred when possible. Look out for the recycling symbol for material category.

Product Code
Colour Black with Yellow ring
To Fit Clip Types
Euro, Connect and Contour Clips
To Fit helmet Types
All Centurion Helmets
Weight 246g

For attenuation test data see the TDS below:-