Diamond Blade – Turbo (Hard) – Pro Grade

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Sparks fly and work gets done with the PRO GRADE HARD MATERIAL TURBO DIAMOND BLADE 125MMX1.4MM. This heavy-duty blade cuts through granite, marble, and mortar like butter. With its hot press sintered, turbo diamond grit, you’ll slice through the toughest jobs in no time.

  • Fast cutting through granite, marble, bricks, stone, mortar and other hard materials
  • Hot press sintered construction for durability
  • Dry and wet use for versatility

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This universal Diamond Blade – Turbo (Hard) is suitable for wet or dry use.

Specifically designed to power through the most demanding materials, this PRO GRADE blade makes short work of big jobs. The turbo diamond grit grips and rips for ultra-efficient cutting. Sintered metal bonds the diamonds to the core for unmatched strength and heat resistance.

Contractors, stone workers, and DIYers who need to cut hard materials with speed and precision can rely on this PRO GRADE TURBO DIAMOND BLADE. It delivers the raw power and durability needed to take on the toughest stone cutting jobs.

  • MPA certified to EN 13236


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Outer Diameter

Bore Size



TAC425105 125mm 22.23
includes reducers for 20 and 16mm
12,200 1.4mm
TAC425109 180mm 22.23
includes reducers for 20 and 16mm
8,500 1.4mm
TAC425113 230mm 22.23
includes reducers for 20 and 16mm
6,600 1.4mm

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