Diamond Blade – Pro Grade – Turbo

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Stop spending hours cutting with inferior blades! The PRO Grade TURBO universal diamond blade slices through the toughest materials in seconds.

  • Hot press sintered for fast, clean cuts in concrete, granite, brick, block, and more
  • Universal dry and wet use versatility tackles any job
  • Laser-cut precision 1.4mm thickness for smooth, accurate cuts
  • 22.23mm bore with 20mm and 16mm reduction ring.
  • Suitable for Angle grinders and circular saws.

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This universal Diamond Blade – Pro Grade – Turbo is suitable for wet or dry use.

This turbo blade powers through projects other blades can’t handle. The laser-cut 1.4mm body prevents wobbling for straight, accurate cuts.

For builders, landscapers, and DIYers who value time as much as money, this PRO GRADE diamond blade is the ultimate time-saving upgrade. Say goodbye to frequent blade changes and wasted hours – and get back to doing what you do best even faster.

  • MPA certified to EN 13236


Stock No

Outer Diameter

Bore Size



TAC425053 115mm 22.23
includes reducers for 20 and 16mm
13,200 1.4mm
TAC425055 125mm 22.23
includes reducers for 20 and 16mm
12,200 1.4mm
TAC425059 180mm 22.23
includes reducers for 20 and 16mm
8,500 1.4mm

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