Circular Saw Blade for Wood 80 Tooth 255mm


Slicing through wood with ease just got faster! Our Circular Saw Blade for Wood 80 Tooth features carbide-tipped teeth that power through wood for quick, smooth cuts.

Equipped with 80 teeth, this saw blade zips through hard and soft woods, plywood, MDF and more.

The K20 ATB carbide teeth stay sharper longer, giving you more cuts per blade.

If you’re looking for faster, easier cuts in woodworking projects, this saw blade is the upgrade your toolbox needs.

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Circular Saw Blade for Wood 80 Tooth:-

  • K20 ATB Carbide teeth for faster cutting speed and longer blade life
  • 80 teeth create smooth, splinter-free cuts in all types of wood
  • Slices through hardwood, softwood, plywood, MDF, chipboard with ease

The durable carbide tipped teeth can handle high RPMs without getting hot, giving you faster rip cuts. Bid farewell to burning and enjoy a smoother finished edge. Whether you’re a professional carpenter or avid DIYer, this circular saw blade boosts your productivity so you can complete more projects in less time.

Explanation of the terms:

YG8:- YG8 carbide is composed of 92% tungsten carbide and 8% cobalt (WC-8Co). The addition of cobalt enhances the toughness and strength of the material.

YG8 carbide is known for its high hardness, wear resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures. It is commonly used for cutting and drilling applications in various industries, including metalworking, woodworking, and mining. The specific properties of YG8 make it suitable for tasks where a durable and hard cutting edge is required.

ATB: This stands for Alternate Top Bevel, which describes the tooth geometry on a saw blade. In an ATB configuration, the cutting edges alternate between a positive and negative angle. A tooth design is commonly used in woodworking applications, providing a good balance between ripping and cross-cutting capabilities. The alternating bevels help reduce tear-out on both sides of the cut.

80 Tooth: An 80-tooth TCT blade is ideal for achieving a smooth finish when cutting wood. It is commonly used for fine woodworking tasks where precision and a high-quality surface finish are important. This blade is suitable for crosscutting and can produce clean and polished edges.


(Note: Should there be any difference between the data on the disc and that in the table below – use the data values on the disc)

Stock No Outer Diameter Bore Size (mm) Max RPM Blade
Kerf Suitable for
TAC435022 255mm (10ins) 30
includes reducer for 25.4mm bore
5,500 1.8mm 2.8mm Mitre Saw,

Table Saw