Circular Saw Blade for Wood 48 Tooth

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The CIRCULAR SAW BLADE FOR WOOD YG8 CARBIDE TIP 48T will elevate your woodworking game.

Make Every Cut Count With This Premium Circular Saw Blade.

Boasting 48 razor-sharp carbide teeth, this blade powers through wood with ease, leaving smooth, splinter-free cuts behind.

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Circular Saw Blade for Wood 48 Tooth:-

  • K20 TCT teeth stay sharper up to 10X longer than standard blades
  • Fast, clean cuts in hardwood, softwood, plywood, MDF and more
  • Superior heat and friction reduction for smooth performance
  • Thin kerf design wastes less wood per cut

If you’re ready to work more efficiently and get cleaner, faster cuts, this circular saw blade is the upgrade your toolbox needs.

Make every cut count and create fine wood projects with ease using the Tactix Circular Saw Blade for Wood 48 Tooth.

Explanation of the terms:

YG8:- YG8 carbide is composed of 92% tungsten carbide and 8% cobalt (WC-8Co). The addition of cobalt enhances the toughness and strength of the material.

YG8 carbide is known for its high hardness, wear resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures. It is commonly used for cutting and drilling applications in various industries, including metalworking, woodworking, and mining. The specific properties of YG8 make it suitable for tasks where a durable and hard cutting edge is required.

ATB: This stands for Alternate Top Bevel, which describes the tooth geometry on a saw blade. In an ATB configuration, the cutting edges alternate between a positive and negative angle. A tooth design is commonly used in woodworking applications, providing a good balance between ripping and cross-cutting capabilities. The alternating bevels help reduce tear-out on both sides of the cut.

48 Tooth: A 48-tooth saw blade is often used for a balance between speed and finish quality when cutting wood. It can provide a relatively smooth finish in both crosscutting (across the grain) and ripping (along the grain) operations. This makes it suitable for general woodworking tasks.


(Note: Should there be any difference between the data on the disc and that in the table below – use the data values on the disc)

Stock No Outer Diameter Bore Size (mm) Max RPM Blade
Kerf Suitable for
TAC434368 115mm (41/2ins) 22.23
includes reducers for 16 & 20mm bore
13,200 1.1mm 2.2mm Circular Saw
TAC434848 216mm

(8.5 ins)

includes reducers for 25.4, 20 & 16mm bore
7,000 1.5mm 2.2mm Table Saw & Mitre Saw