4 Piece 300mm Combination Set Square


An indispensable tool when it comes to marking, measuring and setting out,used to set or measure an angle. The set includes stainless steel hardened measuring heads with hardened and ground slide ways and a 300mm graduated rule (imperial and metric). Supplied in a plastic blow moulded case.

Available Options:



  • Used to set an angle or angle measurement
  • Protractor, Centre Head, Square Head and Rule
  • Stainless steel hardened measuring heads 45° and 90°
  • 300mm/12ins graduated rule – imperial and metric
  • Hardened and ground slide ways
  • Can rotate 360° (2 x 180°)
  • All non ground parts have painted hammer finish
  • Integral spirit level and scribe
  • Supplied in a blow moulded plastic case