Tyrolit Carbide Burr – Tree Head 52RBF – PREMIUM Range

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Tyrolit Carbide Burr – Product Advantages – Tree Head – For demanding work on cast iron, steel and stainless Steel. For universal grinding tasks with hand-operated or electric machines and industrial robots in difficult to reach places

  • Maximum lifetime thanks to specially developed cutting edge geometry.
  • Abrasive cutter profile is especially long-chipping and delivers maximum stock removal.
  • Reduced generation of heat protects the cutter and workpiece.

Below sizes available from Stock – Other sizes can be supplied to order

Shape Code – 52RBF

Segmentations – MX (For high alloyed steels, rust, acid and heat-resistant cast metals and plastics)
Measurements – Dia x Length (Head)- Dia x Length (Shaft)

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Tyrolit Carbide Burr – Tree Head 52RBF – PREMIUM *** Range

Suitable for

  • Cast Iron/Castings
  • HSS
  • INOX
  • Steel

Tyrolit  make your search for the ideal tool easier by dividing their range into three performance levels. This enables  a perfect solution for every application!

The PREMIUM *** quality line is for professionals using abrasives regularly, it offers the longest lifetime and maximum performance for professional use.

TYROLIT PREMIUM*** burrs are manufactured on modern CNC grinding machines which deliver a highly efficient precision tool that provides optimum grinding results.

The 52 RBF Tree Head tungsten carbide burr will achieve the longest lifetimes, even when used on practically any material.

By choosing the right machine, the correct rpm and operating speed, with the appropriate cutting and tooth profile, you will produce PREMIUM results.

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