SDS MAX Masonry Hammer Drill Bits

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This HAMMER DRILL SDS MAX Tactix packs the power and durability you need to drill through the toughest materials with ease.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • 40CR steel body for maximum toughness and durability under heavy stress
  • YG8C carbide tip stays sharper longer when drilling through concrete and masonry
  • Professional quality for heavy-duty use on the toughest jobsites
  • SDS Max system for quick bit changes without any tools

With its hardened steel body and carbide tip, this HAMMER DRILL can power through concrete, brick, and stone without slowing down. The 40CR steel provides unbeatable strength to withstand the high torque of hammer drilling, while the YG8C carbide cutters retain their sharp edge.

You’ll drill faster and replace bits less often, saving time and money on big projects.

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SDS MAX MASONRY HAMMER DRILL BITS from Tactix, this HAMMER DRILL is built for concrete drillers, masons, and construction crews who need to drill large holes through the hardest materials quickly and efficiently. The SDS Max system, durable steel body, and long-lasting carbide tip are designed to stand up to the demands of commercial jobsites day after day. Get the tool the pros trust to make short work of concrete drilling.


340mm length, working length 210mm, 12- 30mm Dia

505mm length, working length 375mm, 16 – 35mm Dia

800mm length,working length 800mm, 22mm Dia

Lets expand some of our terms

  • 40CR Body: This refers to the material used for the body of the drill bit. 40CR  stands for 40Cr steel, a type of alloy steel widely used in manufacturing high-strength components. It’s known for its durability and toughness, making it suitable for tools subjected to high stress, such as drill bits.
  • YG8C Carbide Tip: YG8C refers to the type of carbide used for the drill bit’s tip. Carbide tips are known for their hardness and resistance to wear. YG8C is a specific grade of tungsten carbide, indicating a high level of hardness and durability. Carbide-tipped drill bits are commonly used for drilling into hard materials like concrete, masonry, or brick.
  • SDS Max Drills: SDS Max is a type of chuck system commonly used in heavy-duty rotary hammer drills. The SDS Max system allows for easy and quick changing of drill bits without the need for additional tools. It is commonly used in applications where larger drill bits and more powerful drilling actions are required, such as in concrete drilling for construction purposes

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