Precision Tweezer Set 4 piece


Don’t let tiny parts get the best of you – get the precision tweezer set 4 piece for all your detailed work needs.

  • Self locking, needle point, angle point and flat smooth point tips for any situation
  • Stainless Steel
  • Non-slip knurled grips for maximum control
  • Heavy duty tweezers built to last through electronics repair, precision assembly, models, and more


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Precision Tweezer Set 4 piece:

With four individual tweezers designed for precision, these tweezers help you get a grip on any small part or component. The self locking tips keep hold without constant pressure, while the needle tips access even the tiniest spaces. Angle and flat tips provide a steady, controlled grip at multiple angles.

For electronics technicians, model builders, and hobbyists, this set is a must-have for detailed work.

The non-slip knurled grips give you complete control and prevent hand fatigue during long projects.

Upgrade your toolkit and stop struggling with flimsy tweezers – the precision and durability of this 4pc tweezer set helps you handle small parts with ease.