Kresto® Citrus Hand Cleaner Super-Heavy Duty

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Grease, grime, and gunk don’t stand a chance against Kresto® Citrus. This industrial-strength hand cleaner packs the power of natural citrus oil to quickly cut through even the toughest soils, making hand washing a breeze.

Powerful, versatile formula removes a wide range of deeply ingrained soils
Orange oil extract provides rapid action to break down stubborn grease and dirt
Natural cornmeal scrubbing agent delivers a deep clean without abrasion or skin irritation
Fresh citrus scent leaves hands smelling clean and refreshed
Skin-conditioning formula with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E leaves hands smooth and soft

Part of the DEB Skin care range.

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Kresto® Citrus Hand Cleaner is the ultimate solution for restoring clean, healthy hands in even the dirtiest industrial environments. Its potent, yet gentle formula makes quick work of the toughest messes, while nourishing your skin to prevent dryness and irritation. Reclaim your hands from the harshest soils with the power of Kresto® Citrus Hand Cleaner.

Powerful and versatile Formula effectively removes a wide range of deeply ingrained and difficult to remove soilings such as most oil based paints, oil, grease and grime.
Contains natural cornmeal scrubbing agent Natural, non-abrasive cornmeal scrubbing agent gives a deep clean without damaging the skin. The scrubbing agent is easily rinsed away, helping to prevent blocked drains and pipes.
Fresh Citrus scent Mild citrus fragrance leaves the skin smelling and is pleasant to use.
Silicone-free The product will have no adverse effect if in contact with surfaces prior to the application of paint or
surface coatings.

These are 2 and 4 Litre refill cartridges suitable dispensers are:-

HVY4LDB – 4 Litre
HVY2LDPEN – 2 Litre