Impact Bit Set 36 Piece Pro Grade


Conquer Any Project with the Ultimate 36-Piece Impact Bit Set

  • PH, PZ, TORX, SLOT, and HEX bits in multiple sizes for ultimate versatility
  • Extended 50mm bits for extra reach in tight spaces
  • Nut driver set powers through fasteners
  • Bit holder and socket adaptor keep bits secure and ready for action

Engineered for hardcore impact, these bits thrive under pressure. The Extreme Torsion Zone deflects damaging torque peaks while the exclusive alloy withstands intense force.

Say goodbye to twisted, rounded, and snapped bits!


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TACTIX Impact Bit Set 36 Piece

Designed for automotive repair, construction, machinery, and home repair warriors. This arsenal of bits handles any job with pure power and precision. Stop struggling with inferior bits and make short work of projects with the ultimate impact-rated bit set.

Set contains

• 24pc 25mm bits: PH #1 x 2, #2 x 8, #3 x 2; PZ #1, #2, #3; TORX T-15, T-20, T-25, T-30; SLOT 5.5, 6.5 mm; HEX 3, 4, 5 mm;
• 5pc 50mm bits: PH #2 x 2; POZI #2; TORX T-20, T-25; POZI #2;
• 3pc nut driver: 6, 8, 10mm;
• 1pc bit holder 60mm;
• 2pc deep socket: 10, 12mm

All held in a bespoke plastic case.

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