Hydraulic Bottle Jack 10 Tonne – Bluerange


The Bluerange Hydraulic Bottle Jack 10 tonne, is design for ease of use and offers :-

  • A wide base to improve stability
  • Extension saddle screw allows adjustment of the pickup height and maximum lift height.
  • Safe and reliable operation with minimum maintenance.
  • compact design making it easy to handle.
  • Supplied with a two piece handle.
  • Long service life.

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This Hydraulic bottle jack is an ideal standby for any workshop, offering a compact design and minimum maintenance.

The unit is designed for use in a workshop/garage or home environment.

Manufactured in accordance with  the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN1494:2000 + A1:2008 Mobile or movable jacks and associated lifting equipment

The jack is CE and UKCA marked.

Part No: BRBJ10T
Capacity: 10 Tonne
Min Height : 240mm
Maximum lift (Hydraulic) 160mm
Maximum lift (Adjustment Screw) 80mm
Nett Weight 6.6Kg


Manual (Inst) Declaration of Conformity