HSS Cobalt Step Drill 6-25mm


Discover the drill bit that drills them all – the HSS Colbalt Step Drill 6-25mm is the only drill bit you need for all your metal, wood, and plastic drilling projects. With this versatile tool, you’ll save time, money, and storage space.

This industrial grade cobalt steel drill bit features:

  • Automatically deburrs holes for smooth edges
  • 4x longer lifespan than standard bits
  • Black nitriding for extra hardness and rust prevention
  • 10 Step sizes from 6mm to 25mm for multiple hole sizes
  • 6.35MM   (1/4In) Hex drive

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This HSS Cobalt Step Drill 6-25mm Tackle metalworking and woodworking jobs with ease. The HSS Step Drill  eliminates the need to constantly switch between bits. Spend less on an arsenal of single-use bits and more time creating. This bit optimizes your workflow so you can take on more projects.

Woodworkers, metalworkers, makers, and hobbyists – this is the high-speed steel bit your workshop needs. Achieve precision holes in seconds. The Step Drill  handles the hardest materials and makes clean boring easy.

Stop wasting time switching drill bits – upgrade to the HSS Cobalt Step Drill 6-25mm for all your drilling needs. This versatile bit features incremental step sizes from 6mm to 20mm, eliminating the hassle of constantly changing bits.

With a durable high speed steel construction and black nitriding for enhanced hardness, this drill bit powers through metal, wood, plastic and more. It automatically deburrs holes for smooth finishes and has an extended 4x lifespan compared to standard bits.

If you’re a metalworker, woodworker, maker or hobbyist who wants to optimize your workflow, the HSS Step Drill 6-25mm is the answer. Condense your drill bit collection into one hardworking tool. Spend less time prepping between bore sizes and more time creating.

Stop wasting money replacing single-use bits that wear out quickly. This industrial grade bit is made to last through even the toughest materials. Achieve precision holes in seconds without constantly stopping to switch bits. Work smarter and faster with the all-in-one HSS Step Drill 6-25mm.

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