Flap Disc Zirconiated Fibre Backed Conical SALDisc (Pkt 10)

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A Zirconium Conical Flap Disc ideal for use on General and Stainless Steels, a good economical general purpose disc.

The SALDISC uses high performance zirconia alumina abrasive, offering cooler operating temperatures in use, resulting in less discouration of stainless steel. It is inherently a more robust and longer lasting abrasive than aluminium oxide.

General Applications:

  • Normal, Stainless and Alloy steels
  • Non-ferrous metals and their alloys

Main Applications

  • High stock removal performance grinding
  • Edge grinding and removal of weld seams
  • Descaling and rust removal
  • Small area surface grinding


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SALDISC – A Type 29 Conical Flap Disc for use on Stainless Steel, offering high stock removal, being angled they offer greater surface contact for stock removal on flat surfaces.

A versatile grinding and finishing product, assembled from two main components

Fibreglass backing plate – offering high strength and low weight while aiding vibration absorption.

Abrasive Material Rectangular flaps of overlapping cloth backed abrasive material are glued to the backing plate. This design ensures worn abrasive is constantly replaced by fresh abrasive during use. The disc therefore offers consistent performance throughout its life.

Available in the  following Grits: 40, 60, 80, 120

And Sizes 100mm, 115mm 125mm 180mm

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