EDGETECH PCLNR 2020 K12C Lever Lock External Tool Holder


Part Number: EET-TTH0089
Profile: PCLNR

Shank Width & Height: 20mm x 20mm
Overall length: 125mm
Suits Insert: CN** 204…
Approach Angle: 95 Degrees
Hand: Right Hand

The PCLNR External Turning tool Holder is suitable for use with CN**1204 style carbide turning inserts.

Designed for For negative inserts. Lever system allows for easy indexing and gives a more free chip flow.

Edgetech toolholders are manufactured from high grade tool steel, offering excellent precision and accuracy at a competitive price.

Available in right or left hand versions.

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Europa Edgetech is the latest premier line in indexable tooling, the products are sourced from the largest global round shank & Indexable cutting tool manufacturing group. The company is a market leading supplier of cutting tools in all industrial sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Medical and many others. With 31 Manufacturing plants in 9 Countries including 4 global Tech centres the company has more than 5,000 employees.

Edgetech Lever Lock schematic
Spares Table
Part Part No
(4) Lever
Lever Screw HLV441
Clamp TTAP-1
Clamp Screw TXS4011
(3) Shim HPC12NA
(2) Shim Pin HAY461
Wrench TXW15
(6) Key HA3


Edgetech Clamp schematic
H 20
HF 20
B 20
LF 125
WF 25