EDGETECH M15HE.32322-12 32mm 2 Flute High Feed Straight Shank Indexable End Mill


Part Number: EET-MTH0079
Profile: M15HE

Diameter: 32mm
Overall length:   150mm
No of Pockets:  2
Through coolant Yes
Adapter Type Plain Flatted Shank
Suits Insert: SDM* 1204

The Edgetech M15HE high feed indexable end mill is suitable for use with SDM* 1204… style positive inserts with 4 Cutting edges.

Edgetech tool holders are manufactured from high grade tool steel, offering excellent precision and accuracy at a competitive price.

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EDGETECH M15HE.32322-12 32mm 2 Flute High Feed Straight Shank Indexable End Mill

High feed processing is a processing strategy that offers quicker machining than ordinary techniques.

It combines shallow depth of cut with high feed per tooth which gives higher metal expulsion rates and results in more parts being machined. The cutting forces are almost parrallel to the spindle, resulting in less pressure on th espindle which decreases vibrations, extending tool life.


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Edgetech Tool holder dimensions
Dimension ~
Diameter (DC) 32
Shank Diameter (DCON) 32
Neck Length (LU) 70
Body Length (LF) 150
Cut Length (APMX) 1.8
No off pockets (ZEFP) 2



  • Screw – TXS4010
  • Clamp – HFBP3
  • Clamp Screw – TXS3511
  • Wrench – TXW15

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Europa Edgetech is the latest premier line in indexable tooling, the products are sourced from the largest global round shank & Indexable cutting tool manufacturing group.

The company is a market leading supplier of cutting tools in all industrial sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Medical and many others. With 31 Manufacturing plants in 9 Countries including 4 global Tech centres the company has more than 5,000 employees.

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