Alpha Solway Sentinel Face Mask Filters

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Alpha Sentinel Filters

The Alpha Sentinel filter range offers protection against hazardous gases, vapours and particulates within a wide variety of industries. Fully compatible with the Alpha Sentinel Full Face and Half Mask, the ergonomic filters offer incredibly low breathing resistance with optimised volume

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Manufactured to EN 143:2000 +A1:2006 and EN 14387:2021 – CE and UKCA marked.


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Alpha Solway Sentinel Face Mask Filters

Work Fearlessly, Protect Tirelessly


  • Gas filters are snowstorm filled to optimise space and volume, resulting in a smaller light weight casing that limits obstruction of view when fitted.
  • Particulate P3S & P3H contain pleated filter media, providing more surface area for reduced breathing resistance.
  • Sentinel filters are fitted with a simple connection which easily click into position.
  • Less than 115g, all filter combinations are light weight and can be used on both Full Face and Half Mask.
  • The P3P Filter is tested to ‘R’, allowing the use for more than one shift.
  • Compatible with Alpha Sentinel Full and Half Face Masks.
Technical Data Sheets
Data Sheet Declaration of Conformity
Fitting Guide Filter Guide
Respiration Guide

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